Nova Global Blockchain Investment Institution Summit officially set sail in Guangzhou on December 4

The Nova Global Blockchain Investment Institution Summit hosted by Nova Club will be officially held in Guangzhou on December 4th . This summit will invite global blockchain investment institutions and traditional financial institutions to participate. The summit will discuss the construction of blockchain investment ecology , Looking forward to the development of global blockchain and deeply linking traditional capital and blockchain industry.


Nova Club is an investment ecological alliance composed of mainstream institutions in the blockchain industry. It currently consists of 22 investment institutions. Its existing members include Bisheng Capital, Consensus Labs, Chain Capital, QRC Group, Bawei Capital, and Keyin Capital , Benrui Capital, Lianxing Capital, Quest Capital, China Blockchain Expert (CBE), Waterdrop Capital, BitAsset Ecological Fund, Spark Capital, Accord Capital, Matcha Capital, Imagination Fund, Krypton Capital, Dfund, SkyChain Capital , BitMart Labs, ZB Innovation Think Tank and IBG.
This summit will corely link global blockchain investment institutions, while building a bridge between traditional investment institutions and the blockchain industry. During the summit, Nova Club will also promulgate the top 100 investment institutions and Nova NSO-CF-001 investment standards, and jointly promote the development of investment ecology with the world's top investors.
Topics discussed at the summit included global blockchain development status and prospects, traditional capital’s thinking and layout of blockchain investment, blockchain investment opportunities and challenges under the New Deal, and the discovery of emerging asset targets, from investment layout to blockchain industry Discuss the construction and development of blockchain investment ecology in terms of technological development, blockchain global policy, and traditional financial integration.
The Nova Global Blockchain Investment Institutions Summit is co-organized by Cointelegraph, Linkde and Nova (Nvex). Nova Club and Cointelegraph have joined forces. Not only will the Cointelegraph Chinese website be officially released at this summit, Cointelegraph will also be in its 10 Various language sites comprehensively promote the summit information. In terms of media publicity, the summit also cooperated with Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and English multilingual head media to disseminate the essence of the summit. Reporters from traditional media including Guangdong TV, The Paper and People's Daily Online will come to the summit site to spread support.
In addition to bringing together global investment institutions, the summit will also invite hundreds of outstanding projects to participate. While advancing the development of the investment industry, it will further integrate the construction of the investment ecology and give more development communication and development opportunities in all aspects of the investment ecology.
As of press time, the Nova Global Blockchain Investment Institutions Summit has confirmed the participation of 100 investment institutions , covering China, the United States, South Korea, Japan, and Singapore. The list of participating institutions and the meeting process will continue to be updated.

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