Hundreds of investors participated, and the first Nova Global Blockchain Investment Institution Summit ended successfully

On December 4th, the Nova Global Blockchain Investment Institutions Summit came to a successful conclusion in Guangzhou. The summit was co-organized by Cointelegraph, Linkde and NV Lab, and invited global blockchain investment institutions and traditional financial institutions to participate.

Topics discussed at the summit included global blockchain development status and prospects, traditional capital’s thinking and layout of blockchain investment, blockchain investment opportunities and challenges under the New Deal, and the discovery of emerging asset targets, from investment layout to blockchain industry Discuss the construction and development of blockchain investment ecology in terms of technological development, blockchain global policy, and traditional financial integration.


Nova is committed to building an ecological community of global mainstream investment institutions


Ren Zheng, founding member of Nova Club and partner of Consensus Lab, made the opening speech. In his speech, Ren Zheng elaborated on his four goals for Nova, namely: setting standards for the industry; setting an example for investment; building a discourse for the machine; and practicing for the joint.
Ren Zheng further pointed out that Nova is committed to building an ecological community of mainstream global investment institutions and hopes to achieve these four goals. To set standards for the industry, Nova hopes to put forward standards for the investment industry through the professionalism of the institution and the in-depth management of the industry; to set an example for investment, blockchain investment may not be able to continue the logic of traditional investment, so Nova hopes to invest in The field can set an example, explore new investment methods and models, and set an example for investment.

Nova hopes to build a discourse for the machine. Nova defines it as a global alliance of Chinese investment institutions. Therefore, it is hoped that truly Chinese investment institutions can stand among the world’s investment institutions, can truly dialogue with large Western investment institutions, and have the same dialogue. The right to obtain the same excellent project; Nova also hopes to practice for the joint, the establishment of the entire Nova Club is a blockchain practice, so Nova’s organization and operation methods are all carried out in accordance with the blockchain method. In this way, a better operational exploration of the alliance system can be carried out.




Nova four dimensions to evaluate investment targets


Li Xiangmin, founder of ChainCapital, one of Nova's founding members, reviewed the current lack of mature technology, poor commercial implementation, and lack of valuation models in the current blockchain industry. At the same time, he also expressed the mission of launching Nova: formulating industry standards, building an investment ecosystem, and projects Grow together and work together to promote the positive development of the industry.


Followed by him on behalf of Nova currently 22 institutional members released the Nova block chain investment rating criteria, the main from finance, marketing, team, product four dimensions to judge investment projects.


First, the product. We will evaluate a project from multiple dimensions such as product positioning, roadmap, and project stages. We have three soul questions: Does the product solve the unsolved problems? Can decentralized technology increase revenue or reduce costs? If blockchain is not used, is there a better solution? We are most afraid of blockchain for the sake of blockchain.


Second, the team. We will look at background, technical strength, operational capabilities, expert consultants, etc. Taking the team background as an example, we will look at the authenticity of the resume, whether the functional staff is complete and reasonable, and whether the execution is in place.


Third, the market. We will look at the project track, traffic popularity, community popularity, media promotion, conferences and exhibitions, third-party ratings, etc. The important feature of the blockchain project is the consensus of the market and the community, this is indispensable.


Fourth, financing. We will look at financing history, ratio, type, project valuation, fund supervision, etc. For example, if the financing ratio of a project is too high, investors may become major shareholders, which often leads to the collapse of the team. Without effective supervision and management, the project may also fail.

Focus on global blockchain investment strategies, and all countries emphasize regulatory issues


In the roundtable session on the new subject matter of blockchain investment assets hosted by BitMart Labs founder Schalt, Pythagoras Investment partner Yusen Chau, 42Ventures partner Ai Kordek, Titian Digital Asset CEO Taotao, DLT Capital partner Meredith and CardinalCapital joined forces Founder Lurion participated in the round table discussion.


In the discussion, investors from all countries emphasized the issue of supervision. Investors said that the crypto market is much smaller than the traditional financial market, and the supervision is not clear. Now there are many retail investors. Compared with the traditional stock market, the loss of retail investors can be subject to civil litigation. Cryptocurrency Lack of protection for retail investors. He also mentioned that if there is no regulation, there will be shady transactions and money laundering transactions. If data sharing occurs in all countries around the world and the standards are consistent, effective regulation will be achieved.



Blockchain in the eyes of traditional capital, with frequent golden sentences and many bright spots
The hot spot of this summit was hosted by Zhang Mingjing, the founder of LX Capital, with the theme of "Blockchain Investment in the Eyes of Traditional Capital". Many heavy traditional investors focused on the development of the blockchain industry. And the blockchain track has been professionally analyzed and discussed, and there are many golden sentences and many highlights.
Huashan Capital Zhao Kai pointed out that the blockchain is a distributed multi-active database. As a new technology, it still needs to be applied. It needs feedback on the report, so that no matter IPO or M&A investment institution can withdraw.
After the New Deal, Huashan Capital’s attitude changed from being cautious to being cautiously optimistic. I believe that the country will issue a series of guiding standards. Only under these frameworks can we make equity investments.
Xie Wei, the private equity investment manager of Hunan Chain City, said that government affairs + blockchain will be the fastest to land. Hunan Chain City is more researched in blockchain + government affairs, but part of the financial sector.
Xie Wei further pointed out that there must be several prerequisites for the blockchain landing scene: first, the data on the chain can still be relatively authentic; second, the degree of rationalization of the entire system should meet the requirements; third, the use of blockchain After the introduction of the system, the original maintenance cost of the system can be reduced overall.
Xie Wei believes that the government affairs and financial fields have relatively more characteristics in these three aspects, and pointed out that from the current direction proposed by the central government, breakthroughs in the government affairs field have great prospects.

Baidu Ventures Zhang Hexiao said that the blockchain is promising, but it also has huge immaturity. We have gone through the complete cycle of AI. As a new technology, everyone was excited about it at the beginning, had high hopes for it, and invested some projects madly. Later, everyone found that technology alone was not enough. It needed to find landing scenarios in the industry and needed a market. The value of AI is not in technology, but in it can bring about efficiency changes.




Blockchain technology governance and investment, China realizes curve overtaking


Chu Kang, a partner of Benrui Capital , chaired a roundtable discussion on technology governance and investment in blockchain. Nicole, investment director of JublieeCapital, Li Xi, partner of Jubliee Capital, Wei Zheng, partner of Bawei Capital, and Xu Yiyan, head of Huo Labs project incubation , Genesis Capital CEO Feng Chi and NGC Ventures partner Zhu Weiyu participated in it.

When Chu Kang raised the question of why the blockchain will rise to such an important strategic height in China, the views of the panelists all mentioned: The technology promoted by General Secretary Xi is in line with China's industrial status, and the blockchain may be more It is to bring about the state of asset value exchange and circulation. In the budding period, China will apply blockchain technology to the construction of the value system at the national level. It is possible for China to lead the development of blockchain at the global level. Overtaking in a curve on a technical and economic level.




Exploit new assets of assets and establish close ties with the industry
Zheng Yushan, a partner of Waterdrop Capital, presided over a roundtable topic under the name of "Exploring New Assets". BithumbChris, OK Capital VP Blair Teng, Finnexus Yang Tao, Dfund Yang Linyuan and COBO Li Yao participated in this roundtable discussion.


Regarding the topic of the new target of blockchain assets, several investors suggested that digital asset transactions have the nature of natural globalization, the entire industry is highly volatile, and the industry is growing rapidly. Under the current circumstances, it is difficult to accurately explain what a new asset is. In order to better grasp the new target, it is recommended that more people be able to maintain close contact with the industry in different countries and emerge in new assets and new methods. At that time, it can be captured at the first time, and its future sustainability can be judged with its own expertise.




Coinelegraph Chinese established

At the Nova Global Blockchain Investment Institution Summit, Cointelegraph announced the establishment of a Chinese office, Cointelegraph Chinese, to support Cointelegraph's international expansion and global influence. The new project will be led by Cointelegraph China Founder & CEO Vadim Krekotin and other offices in Beijing and Shanghai.



Cointelegraph CBDO Sergei stated at the press conference that the Chinese market needs not only local brands, but also international brands, which shows that the Chinese market needs to hear more. Cointelegraph entered China precisely to let the Chinese market see what is happening overseas, and the overseas market also knows what is happening in China.




Nova Investment Institution Top 100 List Release and Awards Dinner

During the release of the top 100 investment institutions and awards, Nova Club released the Nova global top 100 blockchain investment institutions, the top 50 Nova blockchain investors, Nova ecological recommendation service agencies and Nova ecological recommendation. The media's four series of rankings select the blockchain ecology from different dimensions. (We will post the list details later)



mainstream institutions in the blockchain industry. It currently consists of 22 investment institutions. Its current members include Bisheng Capital, Consensus Labs, Chain Capital, QRC Group, Bawei Capital, and Keyin Capital , Benrui Capital, Lianxing Capital, Quest Capital, China Blockchain Expert (CBE), Waterdrop Capital, BitAsset Ecological Fund, Spark Capital, Accord Capital, Matcha Capital, Imagination Fund, Krypton Capital, Dfund, SkyChain Capital , BitMart Labs, ZB Innovation Think Tank and IBG.

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