Gather in Sanya to celebrate the year-end event | The second Nova Global Blockchain Investment Institutions Summit will kick off on 12.22

With the recognition of policies and the development of the industry, the internal and external development environment of the blockchain industry is accelerating optimization, and it will gradually stand at the forefront of the development wave of the times in the new era. The frequent emergence of hot spots such as token economy, DeFi, cross-chain, and NFT indicates that the blockchain industry will usher in more adequate development opportunities. The blockchain industry is developing with each passing day. For investors, it is necessary to grasp investment opportunities if they want to obtain higher returns on their investments. From 12.22 to 12.23, the 2nd Nova Global Blockchain Investment Institutions Summit and "Cointelegraph Chinese International Blockchain Technology Innovation Summit" will kick off in Sanya, inviting industry experts, investment institutions and elites from all walks of life to explore blockchain technology together Application and investment opportunities, and jointly look forward to the development trend of the blockchain industry.

Nova Global Blockchain Investment Institutions Summit was first created in 2019 and is a global blockchain investment institution summit initiated by Nova Club. This summit convened leaders from relevant government departments and industry associations, blockchain industry-university-research experts and scholars, blockchain technology geeks, industry celebrities, media professionals and other elites from all walks of life. Investment institutions gathered together, traditional finance and blockchain finance exchanges collided, exchanges and discussions on cutting-edge issues such as digital currency, financial technology, encrypted investment, mining iteration and blockchain industry integration, explored the frontiers of the industry and explored investment opportunities together. At the same time, this summit will continue to publish the annual list of Nova blockchain investment institutions and announce outstanding investment institutions in the blockchain industry.


The highlights of the summit have long been known:


DAO launch ceremony

As a decentralized autonomous organization, DAO operates autonomously through some open and fair rules without interference and management. One of the main reasons for its establishment is to provide an equal system for the establishment and operation of the organization. Since the establishment of the first DAO project-"The DAO" in 2016, the development of DAO has been advancing in twists and turns. With the development of Ethereum, various new DAO solutions have become more powerful and mature and have become blocks. Cases of successful implementation of chain technology in many subversion concepts.

In the spirit of the DAO organization, relying on an independent, open, democratic, and reliable development organization form, at this Nova Global Blockchain Investment Organization Summit, Nova Club will be launched based on the FoF (Fund of Fund) model operated on the Ethereum chain The first DAO organization in China to promote the concept of DAO to the circle. Members of the DAO organization can vote on project funding proposals and invest in early Ethereum companies. The DAO organization will gather blockchain investors and institutions in the circle to contribute to the innovation and development of the blockchain industry.


Nova Research & Investment Keynote Speech

As a leading research institution in the blockchain industry, Nova Research Institute has developed close cooperative relationships with many world-renowned blockchain investment institutions, exchanges, top blockchain media, and traditional financial research institutes, and established a complete Blockchain investment research system. At the same time, the "Nova Blockchain Project Investment Rating Standard" jointly promulgated by the Nova Research Institute and the investment team has become an investment reference template for many blockchain investment institutions. Nova Investment Group will also continue to explore high-quality new projects, focusing on all-round resource docking; integrating potential and valuable outstanding growth projects.

At this Nova Global Blockchain Investment Institution Summit, Nova Research Institute and the investment team continued to cooperate to complete the "Nova Research Institute 2020 Blockchain Industry Research Report" and give investment keynote speeches. The content covers 2020 hot topics such as DeFi, Polkadot, ETH2.0, annual hot track and investment institutions, digital finance and industrial blockchain and other related topics, from traditional finance to blockchain finance, from digital currency to industrial integration, It will be a summary and prospect of the entire blockchain industry.




Excerpt from "Nova Research Institute 2020 Blockchain Industry Research Report"



Nova Blockchain Investment Institution Annual Billboard Awards Ceremony

This awards ceremony is for practitioners in the blockchain industry, investment institutions, exchanges and media, starting from the dimensions of each institution’s project participation, total investment, return multiple and industry contribution, and obtaining a comprehensive score based on the weight. The judges The annual list of Nova blockchain investment institutions will be selected.

This awards ceremony will set up 1. Blockchain annual investor list TOP20; 2. Blockchain annual active investment institution TOP10; 3. Blockchain annual cutting-edge (most popular) investment institution TOP10; 4. Blockchain Annual Best Media TOP10; 5Blockchain Annual Best Service Organization TOP10; 6.Blockchain Annual DeFi Best Investment Institution; 7.Blockchain Annual Polkadot Ecological Best Investment Institution; 8.Blockchain Annual Breakthrough Trading platform and other awards. Through different awards, various institutions are commended for their efforts in enabling entity innovation to lead the future development of the industry, so as to realize the joint exploration of blockchain with the times and create a beautiful blueprint for the industry.




List of invited institutions for the 2nd Nova Global Blockchain Investment Institutions Summit



  NFT Auction Dinner

In the art market, authenticity is the core of value, and blockchain technology has changed the way we make, trade and enjoy art. With the development of basic technology, more and more artists are selling proven and unchanging works to art lovers and speculators. The entire art market has gradually realized the power and potential of decentralized networks and currencies. A fully digital ecosystem produces artwork value. With the advent of the digital age, digital art will be one of the most valuable industries to promote the development of the Internet in the future.

At this summit, Nova will set up an NFT auction to bring everyone into the new world of encrypted art and appreciate the beauty of technology and art!


 December 23 Cointelegraph Chinese Event Preview

 Cointelegraph Chinese was established in December 2019, and it has just happened to be its first anniversary. In a short year, Cointelegraph Chinese made rapid progress and became the leading blockchain media in China. On December 23, Cointelegraph Chinese Relay Nova held the "Looking at the Future-International Blockchain Technology Innovation Summit and Cointelegraph Chinese One Year Anniversary" conference. Bringing together blockchain industry elites from all over the world, well-known experts and entrepreneurs at home and abroad, top blockchain investors, and media representatives to discuss the development and application scenarios of blockchain technology in 2020, and look forward to the future of the blockchain industry development trend. At the same time, this summit Cointelegraph Chinese will also hold a TOP100 blockchain leader award ceremony, so stay tuned...






Nova invites you to visit Sanya

In this summit, in addition to arranging speeches and round tables full of dry goods, Nova also has a wonderful "Annual Party". After the summit, Nova invited friends from the industry to Wuzhi Mountain to explore the rainforest scenery, experience canyon rafting, and experience Li-Miao culture, bringing a healing journey of "eye-catching", "healthy" and "heart-raising".


Refreshing sea breeze, delicate beaches, wonderful team building activities, plus a grand blockchain summit... This winter, Nova and Cointelegraph Chinese will take you to complete a wonderful annual carnival in Sanya!

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