The 2nd Nova Global Blockchain Investment Institutions Summit ended successfully


On December 22, the second Nova Global Blockchain Investment Institutions Summit was successfully concluded in Sanya, Hainan. This summit was hosted by Nova Club and co-hosted by Cointelegraph Chinese and Cointelegraph.

Nova is an investment ecological alliance of global blockchain industry investment institutions established in 2019. Up to now, there are 28 member institutions covering many countries and regions such as China, the United States, South Korea, Japan, and Singapore. The background also covers multiple industries. The three alliances proposed by Nova, brand alliance, investment alliance and incubation alliance, create a global blockchain industry investment community and help organizations grow together.

This summit convened the participation of elites from all walks of life, including blockchain industry, university and research experts and scholars, blockchain technology geeks, industry celebrities, and media professionals. Investment institutions gathered together, traditional finance and blockchain finance exchanges collided, exchanges and discussions on cutting-edge issues such as digital currency, financial technology, encrypted investment, mining iteration and blockchain industry integration, explored the frontiers of the industry and explored investment opportunities together.


 Wonderful review


"Nova 2020 Blockchain Industry Development and Investment Trends Research Report" released


As a leading research institution in the blockchain industry, Nova Research Institute has developed close cooperative relationships with many world-renowned blockchain investment institutions, exchanges, top blockchain media, and traditional financial research institutes, and established a complete Blockchain investment research system. At this Nova Global Blockchain Investment Institution Summit, Nova Research Institute and the investment group continue to cooperate to complete the "Nova 2020 Blockchain Industry Development and Investment Trends Research Report". Li Xiangmin, the founding partner of Chain Capital, released the report.

2020 is a very turbulent year. Due to the development of the epidemic in the first half of the year, the entire digital industry, including the digital output value of Bitcoin, has experienced a major decline. The industry has ushered in another explosive spring. "Nova 2020 Blockchain Industry Development and Investment Trends Research Report" summarizes and forecasts the entire industry from six aspects: annual keywords, industrial blockchain, investment, technology, policies and opportunities.

In 2020, the industry will develop actively. The development of DeFi and NFT will bring more assets into the blockchain industry. The development of cloud computing power will push the blockchain outside the circle. In addition, the country’s support for the blockchain, the central bank digital Currency is also developing rapidly... The entire blockchain industry is booming. On the one hand, our industry applications are accelerating. In addition, our entire blockchain is more closely integrated with cloud technology to meet the needs of multi-chain and cross-chain. At the same time, blockchain industry standards including blockchain security issues are more standardized.


Distributed collaboration platform for investment institutions---Nova DAO launched


DAO, the full name is Decentralized Autonomous Organization, is a distributed autonomous organization, which provides an equal system for the establishment and operation of the organization. In the spirit of the DAO organization, relying on an independent, open, democratic and reliable development organization form, this summit Nova is based on online Operation mode, the first domestic DAO investment organization was launched.

Zheng Yushan, head of Nova DAO, stated that the current blockchain investment industry has four major pain points:

1. Grassroots project financing is difficult, "look at the background, see the body, not the quality of the project"

2. High-quality projects are unevenly distributed in geographical areas and the phenomenon of "small circles" is serious

3. Project information is not open enough in the early stage

4. Small and medium investment institutions and retail investors have low voice

NovaDAO (tentative name) is to inherit the spirit of DAO and use the blockchain method to make decisions with "all wisdom" to help more early-stage startups and entrepreneurs in the blockchain industry provide financial support and help more Investment institutions obtain high-quality project information.

Nova DAO is based on full chain governance. Any individual organization, community, institution or even project party can apply. The DAO organization jointly launched by Nova will lead more organizations and bring the blockchain into a new era.




Blockchain technology helps traditional industries set sail


Blockchain technology is developing vigorously and gradually integrating with various industries, becoming digital and becoming a government and concern, which is regarded as a national strategic significance. In the round table of "Leveraging on Blockchain Dongfeng, Traditional Industries Set Sail". Shao Jianliang, the founding partner of Bisheng Capital, chaired the event. The guests said that instead of mythical blockchain technology, what we have to do now is to integrate blockchain, 5G, AI and other technologies to find a suitable application scenario to ensure the security of data and assets. Blockchain technology contributes to distributed management. Sharing + management is the core of distributed management. Only when the original value of the blockchain is found can the industrial blockchain explode. The promotion of the industrial blockchain will become faster and faster. The landing is getting faster and faster.




New finance is booming in the digital economy era


Digitalization has penetrated into various industries. Among them, financial services are currently the industry with the largest number of blockchain projects and the richest scenarios. Innovation and stability are the challenges that technology financial explorers have to face. Blockchain technology also brings opportunities to finance. And challenge.

Regarding DeFi as a hot topic this year, everyone generally believes that the periodic rotation of funds has arrived in the currency circle, and it is necessary to find hot spots. As a broader direction, DeFi has attracted a lot of funds. At present, when we look at the DeFi project, the most important thing is to focus on four points: one is its ability to capture the value of the entire industry and to provide valuable products or services to the market; the other is the iterative ability of products or teams that can follow Continue to iterate their products in line with market demand; third is the logic of the DeFi model itself, how much endogenous value it can generate; fourth, let more people be familiar with DeFi.

In the future, when some technologies are more advanced and breakthroughs are made, DeFi may bring about some new changes, including the innovation of financial models in the digital currency field. DeFi is definitely a wave, but don't let it be myth.



With the development of NFT, more and more artists are offering verified products to art lovers and investors. The entire market is also aware of the decentralized operation and potential, so how to better integrate NFT and crypto art? In the NFT roundtable of this summit: "How does encryption art spark sparks with NFT", encryption artists and investment institutions jointly discussed the development direction of encryption art.

Contemporary art should not avoid the cutting-edge technology of the times. Emerging technology integrates a lot of interdisciplinary content including blockchain technology. NFT should become contemporary creation and the relationship between encryption art is conflict extension and integration. Encryption art integrates use value, investment value and emotional value. Blockchain gives art new vitality from both technical and financial attributes. In the future, the entire encryption art ecology will gain more vitality.

At the [Art Evolves With Time] encrypted art auction dinner hosted by the international encrypted art platform CryptoArt.Ai and NOVA, the famous encrypted digital artist Pak and Song Ting jointly exhibited and auctioned a total of 9 works. It was sold at 169 ETH. Among them, Pak's work "Leonardo's Vision" was sold for 50 ETH; Song Ting's works were sold for 119 ETH, including works "Cyber ​​Wonder Woman: Steel Forest" and "Space Odyssey 2001". The total turnover of the two works reached 51 ETH.



Nova Blockchain Investment Institution Annual Billboard Awards Ceremony


This awards ceremony is for practitioners in the blockchain industry, investment institutions, exchanges and media, starting from the dimensions of each institution’s project participation, total investment, return multiple and industry contribution, and obtaining a comprehensive score based on the weight. The judges The annual list of Nova blockchain investment institutions will be selected.

In this summit, a total of 1.NOVA2020 blockchain annual active investment institution TOP20; 2.NOVA2020 blockchain annual investor list TOP30; 3.NOVA2020 blockchain annual new investment institution; 4.NOVA2020 blockchain annual best investment institution Best Service Organization; 5. NOVA2020 Blockchain Annual DeFi Best Investment Institution Top3; 6. NOVA2020 Blockchain Annual Polkadot Ecological Best Investment Institution Top3; 7. NOVA2020 Blockchain Industry Pioneer Award; 8. NOVA2020 Blockchain The most innovative Defi project of the year; 9. The most innovative public chain of NOVA2020 blockchain; 10. The most innovative Staking mining pool award of NOVA2020 blockchain.

(We will post the list details later)


build the global influence summit brand and build a global industry investment ecological bridge. The Nova Club Investment Ecological Alliance will also build an investment ecology, grow together with the project, and work together to promote the positive development of the industry.



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