"Crab" meets Nova to talk about new trends in the industry

On October 27, 2020, the 6th Blockchain Global Summit was grandly opened in Shanghai. As an excellent blockchain industry investment ecological alliance, Nova Club can't miss this event. On the way to this blockchain global summit, Nova Club also invited blockchain industry leaders, big coffees, top investors, community opinion leaders, media and project parties to carefully present the At the Golden Autumn Crab Banquet, talk about the latest trends in the industry.


The chill of Shanghai did not affect people's enthusiasm in the least. The luncheon hall was full of seats and the scene was fiery. In addition to the founding members of Nova Club, Shao Jianliang, a partner of Bisheng Capital, Ren Zheng, a founding partner of Consensus Lab, and Li Xiangmin, a partner of Chain Capital, attended the venue, Yang Linyuan, managing partner of Dfund, Dashan, founding partner of Waterdrop Capital, and Wei Zheng, founder of N7 Labs , Lianxing Capital partner Jiang Lifeng, Keyin Capital China CEO Xu Yinglong, COO Liu Genghua, Quest Capital founder Qu Ming, Tianlian Capital co-founder Xuanzi, 4℃ Capital Shangbo, Amber Capital VP Iris, LBank CMO Jody, Aurora, vice president of ZB Group, Yue Xiang, founding partner of Imagination Fund, Jerry of Crypto Capital and Irene, partner of Roark Fund, and other institutional member bosses also attended the luncheon.


At the same time, the luncheon also invited Cryptogram Capital founding partner Jiang Chao, Turbo Capital founding partner Shenzui, Waterdrop Capital investment manager Chen Bin, ARPA co-founder Xu Yemu, Yali Assets Chairman Lu Shenqiang, Shanghai Xuanbei Technology CEO Gu Qianfeng , Deductive Capital Ye Sichen, GW Technology CEO Daniel, Shenzhen Qianhai Huichao Capital Xia Zonghua and Drawing Capital partner Ray and other Nova Club individual members.


In addition, the luncheon also attracted blockchain investors, cryptocurrency investors, blockchain media and other blockchain industry friends from various fields to talk about the future of the industry.


The banquet first invited Shao Jianliang, a founding member of Nova Club and a partner of Bisheng Capital, to deliver a speech. Mr. Shao said that Nova Club is an investment ecological alliance composed of mainstream institutions in the blockchain industry, and is a comprehensive blockchain practice. From the beginning of its establishment, NovaClub has always adhered to the purpose of brand alliance, investment alliance, and incubation alliance. First of all, in terms of incubation joint and brand joint, Nova Club has gathered 28 domestic and overseas investment institutions and more than 50 individual members in the industry to establish its own resource network around the world. Secondly, in terms of joint investment, Nova, as an investment alliance, has invested in dozens of outstanding projects. In the future, Nova will continue to absorb institutional and individual members to expand the development of the alliance; in terms of investment, Nova Club will continue to pay attention to market conditions and industry changes, deploy in multiple tracks, give full play to the resource advantages of each institution, and work together Create a blockchain investment community.




Subsequently, the representatives of the project party, Mixpay and Farmland, gave a brief speech on the development of the project and the future blockchain industry.


Mr. Han, the Mixpay project party, stated that Mixpay is the world's leading digital financial cross-border and bitcoin payment tool. The team has rich development and operation experience in the fields of mobile payment, asset management and blockchain encryption, focusing on blockchain technology. Combining with the financial service field, using technology to meet the needs of the financial field. In the future digital era of encrypted currency payment, Mixpay will use blockchain technology and digital financial technology to continue to empower the real economy and provide users with more quality services.



Mr. Song, CEO of the Farmland project, stated that Farmland is the first cross-chain aggregated mining product and a cross-chain aggregated mining platform under the PoS mechanism. It supports more public chains and allows more asset holders to participate in the DeFi market. . The purpose of Farmland is to help various public chain asset holders to obtain DeFi dividends and participate in DeFi activities such as "mining". The reason for the development is mainly to see that many holders of BTC or other non-ETH public chain assets have no convenient way to participate in the Ethereum DeFi boom. The team hopes to solve this "asset island" problem.



After the speech session, the luncheon officially began. The guests present had further communication and in-depth exchanges on the future development and business cooperation of the industry in the fine wine and good banquet. The scene was very lively. From the lively discussion of the guests, it can be seen that the development of the entire blockchain financial industry is also thriving, and see the momentum for the vigorous development of the blockchain financial industry in the future!




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