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Nova  Academy

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Investment Group

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Member Group

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Secretary General

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Contact the team leaders, coordinate the work between the teams, open the organization funds, ensure the safety of funds, and make the organization run smoothly

Selection, review, decision-making, business negotiation and post-investment management of investment projects, adjust investment priorities according to market conditions and institutional investment needs, exploring and incubating high-quality new projects, focusing on all-round resource docking integrating potential and valuable outstanding growth projects.

At present, members are located in China, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, the United States, Russia and other countries and regions. They have strong system resources and gradually build global resources with their own influence.

It is composed of first-line blockchain investment institutions, with strong brand influence in the industry. The investment institution community in the system covers hundreds of investor communities and well-known KOLs.

A decentralized (autonomous) organization whose core is member management, enabling members to vote on project funding proposals.

Reflecting stronger professionalism in the blockchain industry, providing high-quality reports to the industry, cooperating with high-quality project parties to launch high-quality research reports, formulating industry standards and guidelines in subdivisions.