VIMworld——The Big Bang of Art

At 15:00 on September 25th, the third phase of the "Insight-DEFI Series" event hosted by Nova Club and co-sponsored by Kirin Fund began. The co-organizer of this event is VBlock, and the media supports Cointelegraph Chinese. At the same time, it has received strong support from many media such as Tokenism and Guowei Finance.

NovaClub is an investment ecological alliance composed of mainstream institutions in the blockchain industry. It aims to unite the resources of alliance members to discover, invest and incubate more potential and valuable projects. The members of the Nova Club Investment Ecological Alliance will jointly build an investment ecology, grow together with the project, and jointly promote the positive development of the industry.

Created by the 8 Hours Foundation, VIMworld is a transformative digital collectible smart NFT ecosystem based on the VeChainThor Blockchain. It aims to provide an unprecedented open space for entrepreneurship and gaming to support each other and to prosper together.

In this issue of "Insight-DEFI Series", Nova Global CEO Xiaotong talked with Shane, general manager of 8Hours Foundation China, and explored VIMworld, a multicultural universe full of infinite possibilities!

1. Project and Team

1.1 VIMworld-an intelligent NFT platform for digital collectibles based on VeChain blockchain technology

The 8 Hours Foundation has always been committed to creating a collection and game platform that can bring more interaction and entertainment between family and friends and condense the relationship between each other, so VIMworld is a collection of figures/toys, The one-stop platform integrating trading and gaming was born. At the same time, VIMworld is also a transformative digital collectible smart NFT ecosystem based on the VeChainThor Blockchain, which aims to provide an unprecedented open space for entrepreneurship and gaming to support each other and to prosper together. As its smart NFT brand, VIM is the core of the VIMworld platform.

1.2 About the team

The 8Hours Foundation (8Hours Foundation) is a start-up company located in Silicon Valley, USA, founded in 2018. The whole team is composed of a group of friends who love to collect figures, play games and are curious about new things. The founder, John Dempsey, is also a fan of collectibles and games. John University majored in computer science. He is a young and promising genius. Out of his passion for entrepreneurship and his passion for researching cutting-edge technology (especially blockchain technology), John gathered a group of like-minded friends and founded the 8Hours Foundation.

In addition, the team also has big figures in the game and toy industry as consultants, such as Huang Zhongkai, the president of "Guitar Hero," Michael Katz, the former president of SEGA, one of the world's four largest video game manufacturers, and Ray Hatoyama, the former CEO of Hello Kitty, and the incubation team behind it CREAM.

2. About VIM

2.1 What is VIM

VIM is a digital collectible smart NFT brand developed based on the VeChainThor Blockchain. Its full name is Virtually Integrated Metadata.

The reason why it is called a smart NFT is that it is a VIP-181 standard non-homogeneous token (NFT), which stores data and transaction history and other information on the blockchain. Therefore, VIM has the functions of memory capsules, collectibles, and digital wallets from a technical perspective. Secondly, VIM can be linked to physical objects, such as toys, cards, game equipment, dolls/figures, etc. through NFC/RFID technology. This means that VIM can also be used as an authentication and ownership system for physical objects in real life, and represent these physical objects in VIMworld to carry out their own adventures and lives, which constitutes the so-called collection figure/ The digital soul of a doll/doll. Imagine what was once a lifeless plastic toy or paper card with thousands of identical copies. Now it stands in front of you and interacts with you vividly in the digital world. It can even record its own uniqueness. The data.

VIM has different levels, from low to high: F → E → D → C → B → A → S. In addition, VIM can obtain EGG (electronic egg), and S-level VIM can incubate EGG as a "partner", bringing some additional abilities and attributes to VIM. Another unique attribute of VIM is our [Medal] system, which can also be used to enhance the value of VIM.

Due to the metadata carried by each VIM, as well as the difference in the record and life course in the game, each VIM is unique and permanently recorded on the blockchain. In a sense, VIM can be seen as a physical toy or our own incarnation in the digital world.

2.2 VIM upgrade system

VIM has a total of 7 levels, from low to high: F → E → D → C → B → A → S. To increase the level of VIM, players need to feed EHrT to their VIM, that is, to feed your VIM. At this time, VIM is like our pet, it needs the owner's feeding and care to grow. Depending on the VIM level, the maximum amount of EHrT that can be consumed by VIM each day is also different.

[VIM grade table]:




The EHrT consumed by daily feeding will all enter your VIM. At this time, the VIM is equivalent to a small piggy bank, and the EHrT in it still belongs to you. Immediate upgrade can skip the time consumed for daily feeding, but in addition to a certain amount of EHrT required for VIM level, it also includes a certain amount of handling fee.

3. About the token EHrT

3.1 What is EHrT

EHrT (Eight Hours Token) is the native token of the 8-hour ecology, the fuel of the VIMworld platform, and the food of VIM. Users can use EHrT to purchase VIM at VIM vending machines or through other promotional activities, such as the current "VIM Paid Adoption Program" (link: Currently, three VIM adoptions are open, and they are lovely. Baby GrOwl, Kong Wu's powerful tank man Armstrong and "Hell or Duel" series female demon bounty hunter Julie.

[Three VIMs that can be adopted]:



3.2 Main application of EHrT

The main application of EHrT is as food for VIM, which is equivalent to a soft lock-up mechanism of EHrT. The EHrT you eat still belongs to you and can be extracted at any time, but it will be downgraded if it is below the minimum requirement of VIM level. By feeding EHrT to upgrade VIM to the highest level of S, you can get additional rewards, such as platform discounts, gifts, and the VIMpool prize pool with EHrT dividends every two weeks.

In addition, every VIM minted on the VIMworld platform will destroy a certain amount of EHrT. At the same time, part of the EHrT fee charged on the VIMworld platform (such as an immediate upgrade fee) will also be destroyed, forming an EHrT deflation mechanism. In the future, as more brands or games enter the VIMworld platform, game studios or IP owners and brands can also consume EHrT to cast their own IP VIM. At the same time, it will also bring more different types of communities to the platform, which will bring more users to buy VIM and improve the level of VIM in the game. More games and more brands = higher adoption rate of VIM and EHrT.

(VIMpool is not yet online. Details will be announced after the launch. However, a harvest goddess event was held for S VIM some time ago and lasted for 12 days. For the first 11 days, S VIM will receive EHrT rewards and annualized rate of return. At one time it exceeded 5000%. On the last day, a special "medal" was prepared for all S VIM.)




4. Project latest progress and future planning

4.1 Current progress

Currently, VIMworld is in the first phase of the early beta, and only has basic feeding, viewing details, and vending machine snap-up functions.

1. VIM Paradise, which is where your VIM lives and grows. View and manage your VIM here, and you can also interact with your VIM, such as feeding it every day, watching it grow up step by step, unlocking a cooler new image, and various benefits exclusive to S VIM .

2. VIM vending machine, the new series will be launched for the first time. At present, there are already 11 VIM vending machines first released, and every time it is empty.

way of participation:

PC-side download address via Vechain Sync desktop browser:

You can enter VIMworld on the mobile phone through the VeChainThor Wallet app "collectibles" or the discovery page.

IOS users must use the Hong Kong Apple ID or the overseas Apple ID to download from the Apple App Store;

Android users (1) can go to Google PlayStore (Scientific Internet) or Baidu App Market, Xiaomi App Market, PC6 download station to download. (2) Choose to open and download Thor Wallet in the browser.

VIMworld early beta tutorial video:



4.2 VIMworld roadmap



In the second phase, it is planned to open more interactive functions with VIM and open the EHrT extraction function of VIM. At the same time, the first official battle game will be officially launched. By then, players can use VIM to participate in the game and experience more interactivity and entertainment.

In the third stage, VIM will enter reality.

In the fourth stage, the VIMworld platform will be opened to more top partners. By then, we will see many familiar brands use the functions of the VIMworld platform to create and share their own VIMs.


Through this exchange, we can see that VIM is rare, professional, and cool. In addition, with a wide variety of VIM, it can cater to the aesthetics of different people and attract many collectors. On the first day of the VIMworld beta launch on August 21, the first batch of VIMs on the platform sold out instantly.

[Different types of VIM]:




VIMworld is a one-stop platform integrating figure/toy collection, trading and games. Game creation will be the norm in the ecology. Currently, there are already 3 game development companies creating VIM-based games, and 1-2 in the future The first one will be developed and released every month, and more game companies will build games for VIMs in the future. In the future, the 8Hours Foundation will use the power of technology to create more interesting games, bring people together and build stronger social bonds.


Official website:

: @VIMworldGlobal
Telegram Group:  
INS: @vimworldofficial


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