Insight—the fourth issue of the DEFI series DeFiner—defining smart lending and creating inclusive finance

At 15:00 on October 11, the fourth phase of the "Insight—DeFi Series" event hosted by NOVA Club and co-sponsored by Kirin Fund began. Jason Wu, the founder of, was a guest in the live broadcast room and explored the open financial platform-DeFiner with Nova Global CEO Xiaotong.


At 15:00 on October 11, the fourth phase of the "Insight-DEFI Series" event hosted by Nova Club and co-sponsored by Kirin Fund began. The co-organizer of this event is VBlock, and the media supports Cointelegraph Chinese. At the same time, it has received strong support from many media such as Tokenism and Guowei Finance.

NovaClub is an investment ecological alliance composed of mainstream institutions in the blockchain industry. It aims to unite the resources of alliance members to discover, invest and incubate more potential and valuable projects. The members of the Nova Club Investment Ecological Alliance will jointly build an investment ecology, grow together with the project, and jointly promote the positive development of the industry.

DeFiner is a digital financial ecosystem integrating savings, financing, payment and other financial services. It is committed to providing a decentralized digital asset financial service platform for small and medium-sized enterprises and ordinary consumers.

In this issue of "Insight-DEFI Series", Nova Global CEO Xiaotong and founder and CEO Jason Wu explore the open financial platform-DeFiner!


The main points of view shared by the guests:

1. DeFiner is committed to establishing an open finance (DeFi) platform.

2. DeFiner products have successfully completed two rounds of audits and went online.

3. DeFiner helps solve traditional financial barriers and accelerate the construction of an inclusive financial system.

4. DeFiner announced that it will set up a reward pool of 250,000 FIN for users who have participated in liquidity mining before the end of the private sale to give back to the community.


The following is NovaClub's compilation of all the content of the interview:


Xiaotong: First, please Jason introduce DeFiner.

Jason: DeFiner is a completely decentralized crypto asset savings, financing, and payment platform. Established in the U.S. in 2018, won the U.S. Fintech Challenge in 2019, was named the 8 most noteworthy fintech startups in the U.S. by fintech news in 2020 and other honors, and won the well-known start-up venture capital Techstars, Signum, Alphabit, SNZ investment. DeFiner focuses on DeFi lending products. Compared with the current lending protocols on the market such as Compound and AAVE, DeFiner adds an aggregator to automatically configure idle funds to achieve the highest yield.


Xiaotong: What problems in traditional finance have been solved by the emergence of DeFiner?

Jason: Mainly reflected in four aspects, 1. High cost: in terms of the lending market. The world generates 3 trillion dollars in revenue every year. The cost is quite high, because the financial industry practitioners are generally high-income groups. DeFiner effectively uses smart contracts to provide financial services, which greatly saves the cost of middlemen. 2. Property autonomy: The traditional financial market is custodial and centralized. User assets are equivalent to being in the hands of intermediary agencies, and there is a risk of being frozen at any time, and user assets are not controlled by users. DeFiner is a non-custodial, no middleman, fully automated financial service provider. Users have complete autonomy of assets. 3. Low transparency: traditional finance has low transparency, bank accounts are not open, opaque, and risks are uncontrollable. DeFiner's overall data information is all on-chain information with high transparency and clear risks at a glance. 4. Privacy: DeFiner, does not store user information on the phone, with high privacy.


Xiaotong: What is the current progress of the DeFiner project?

Jason: The open financial platform DeFiner (FIN) has completed two rounds of contract audits and launched. The engineers in charge of the audit worked in many audit security companies such as Chain Security (now PwC Switzerland) and Trail of Bits. Among them, the contract auditor of Trail of bits is the famous white hat hacker Samczsun. The problems found in the audit process have been communicated with the team and corrected, and all the medium and high risk problems found have been fixed. Adhering to the principle of safety first, in mid-November, the third round of audit will continue, and the auditing company ConsensysDiligence will be the audit work.


Xiaotong: What open finance (DeFi) services does DeFiner currently launch? What are the advantages of the product?

Jason: Our main business is DeFi demand savings, which provides a safe and reliable home for idle funds with certain good returns. DeFiner ( currently provides two types of open finance (DeFi) services: 1. Current deposits and loans: Users can deposit and withdraw funds at any time, and the savings interest rate fluctuates, depending on the market and the currency deposited; users can also Use their savings as a mortgage. 2. Regular personalized deposits and loans: Users can customize the currency, collateral, term and interest rate of the loan, match the borrower and lender on the platform, and complete the transaction on the chain. The advantages of Defan DeFi products: 1. Deposit and withdraw, borrow and repay, the best interest, the highest return; 2. Use collateral to repay the loan; 3. Personalized regular deposit and loan. DeFiner will provide better returns, lower costs and more flexible lending products.


Xiaotong: Then I asked about the liquidity mining plan.

Jason: Liquid mining is a necessary means for us to stabilize our income. The funds contributed by users are lent out to generate profits and receive FIN token rewards. As more and more people use DeFiner products, the value of Token will continue to increase. And then used to feed back users. Unlike other liquid mining, where the income fluctuates from high to low, our liquid mining pursues stable and continuous income. Users can expect a stable income range.


Xiaotong: For the community's users who have been following DeFiner and the partners in today's group, what are the benefits of the top mine?

Jason: The top mine, in addition to the stable high income of 25% -30%, will also get an additional chance to become a DeFiner prize draw, sharing 250,000 FIN. Rule description: The total time span of the activity is 9 months. Every 3 months we check the qualifications of participants and allocate one third of the reward pool. The reward distribution time is January 15, 2021, April 15, 2021, and July 15, 2021. Assuming that the user has $20,000 in the savings pool and the total deposit is $5 million, then the user's deposits account for 0.4% of the savings pool. Therefore, users are eligible to receive 0.4% of the 250,000 FIN reward pool, which is 1000 FIN. Assuming that most early mining users retrieve their funds, the total deposit is only $1 million. Then the user deposit accounted for 2%, then he will receive 5000 FIN rewards. Tomorrow 18:00, it will be launched in DEX-Uniswap, DODO, Loopering first, and then CEX-Bitmax, MXC, BKEX, ZBG, HOO, Vigrox will be launched simultaneously at 22:00.


Xiaotong: As a practitioner, the DeFi market has been very volatile recently. Finally, I would like to ask how Jason views the current short-term fluctuations in the DeFi market and the future mid-to-long-term market situation?

Jason: DeFi will be similar to Bitcoin. There are volatility in the early period, but in the end, the volatility in the early period will not be considered as a volatility in the next few years. Take the following picture as an example:



On March 12, the volatility was very large, but it is basically not visible now. In the medium and long term, the development of the DeFi industry is still very optimistic because it is supported by the intrinsic financial service value.


Xiaotong: Finally, thanks to Jason Wu, founder and CEO of, for sharing the DeFiner project. Thanks to the co-organizer of this event, the Kylin Fund, the co-organizer, Cryptogram Capital, and friends in the media for their strong support! See you next time!

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