Bitrise Capital


•Type:Token fund
•Founded:Jan 2018
Bitrise Capital is composed of pioneers in the blockchain industry, including experienced experts in the financial industry and mining industry.
•PortfolioBitkan, QuarkChain, Filecoin, Fcoin, Perlin, Certik, Bitforex, BHEX, Confiux,Bytom,everiToken,etc.

Chain Capital


•Type:Token and Equity Fund

•Founded:April 2015
Members from venture capital, private equity, securities company and bank, who have senior investment experience in cryptocurrency and equity.

•Portfolio:Filecoin, Polkadot, Blockstock, Origin, OmiseGo, GXS, Qtum, Quarkchain, Aelf, Penta, VNT, etc.

Consensus Lab


•TypeInvestment, media, research and investment bank
•Founded:April 2018
Fred Wang(Founder), Kevin Ren (Founding Partner),the founder of the team also runs one of the biggest blockchain media called Mars Finance in China.

•PortfolioNearly 70 portfolios——Fcoin,FTX,Troy,Celer,Ankr,Quark,Newton,blockcloud,Nervos,Klaytn,Cocos,Coinsuper,etc.

8 Decimal Capital


•TypeToken and Equity Fund ($60M AUM)
•Founded:July 2017
8. Decimal, a multinational blockchain investment organization,has professional teams both in China and the USA. With rich experience in blockchain investment, 8. Decimal has developed deeply in upstream and downstream of the industry.

•PortfolioBibox, Seed CX, 0x, FCoin, Ontology, Odaily, ICon and TrustToken, etc.

QRC Group


•Type:RegTech Venture Capital

•Founded:April 2017
Chairman and executives from UK Digital Currency Association, and japan’s first blockchain accelerator.
•Portfolio:infinito,Blockpass,Coinfirm,Connectome,Digax,Wowoo Exchange,and Holdex, etc.

BN Capital


•TypeMultiplied Fund Management, Finance & Digitalization Research,Media & Public Relationship, Digital Security Investment & Advisory
•Founder:October 2017
Jeffery Chu (Founder of BN Capital),Paul Wang(Partner of BN Capital), Nate Chen (Partner of BN Capital), Jianbo Luo (Partner of BN Capital)

•PortfolioZilliqa, TRX, Hcash, Eos, NEO, Polkadot, Unionbit, ARPA, VITE, Nervos, The Force Protocol and Echoin, etc.



•TypeInvestment Bank Venture Capital
•Founder:July 2018
Founded by professionals from top international investment institutionsand received strategic investment from Huobi Global, JLAB, Gobi Partners.

•PortfolioPolkadot, Klaytn, BHEX, Nervos, Reserve, Ploutoz, Hichain, KGC, Coinvoice, Hitchain, Fountain, etc.

Collinstar Capital


•TypePrivate Equity, Investment Banking, Corporate Advisory, Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrency Investment
Collinstar Capital is an investment firm specialising in private equity, investment banking and corporate advisory.

•PortfolioBinance, COINw, ZB, BHEX, Block Technology, Hyper Pay,Bitkeep, Babel Finance, etc.

Quest Capital


•TypeVeture Capital
•Founder:March 2017
The founding team has an in-depth understanding of blockchain development in China and South Korea.
•Portfolioklaytn(KAKAO),Troy,Nervos,Infinito,Biforst,StarPlay,PlayDapp,, 300FIT, Ankr, Origo, Contents Protocol, Spin Protocol, Eyes, Protocol, Temco, etc.



•Founded:April 2017
CBE’s founder, Vadim Krekotin, is a crypto investor and enthusiast. A serial entrepreneur with more

than 8 years’ experience of doing business in China.


Waterdrip Capital


•Type:Token fund; Equity Fund

•Founded:September 2017
Members are the experts and early participants of blockchain andcryptocurrency.

•Portfolio:EOS, COSMOS, GXS, QTUM , Vechain, EchoLink, SDchain,

E OSgravity, Rchain , Tokenclub , BOX , Alphacat , M2Cchain and BKBT, etc.

MXC Pro Capital


•TypeToken Fund, Venture Capital
•Founded: 2017 
Michal Chan, Max Wu, Toni Wei
•PortfolioZos, ZV, Troy and Kakao, etc.



•Type:BTC 挖矿、数字资产投资、Staking
•Founded:June 2017
S Capital was founded by the blockchain evangelists, KOLs, and TMT venture capital investors. Focusing on investing crypto assets, as well as services of to support industry. S Capital is one of the earliest blockchain venture capital institution.
•Portfolio:ytom,Nebulas,Aelf,Arcblock,Theta,Trinity,Ruff,lotex,Cvnt IOST etc.

BitAsset Ecofund


•主要业务:Token fund; Equity Fund
•成立时间:January 2018
The team has a professional investment perspective, has completed the investment star projects.
•Portfolio:Algorand, Certik, Celer, HUB, NuCypher, PCM, MITH, FTX, EKT, BINGO, and CNN, etc.

Spark Capital


•Type:Investment, Venture Capital Accelerator, BTC Mining

•Founded:October 2016
Spark Capital is founded by pioneering investors in crypto assets in China,who had extensive experiences in blockchain R&D, equity investments and crypto assets management.

•Portfolio: Vechain, Elastos, Qtum, RSK, Genaro, Ripio Credit Network, Qash, Raiden and Polkadot, etc.

Imagination Fund



•TypeVenture Capital, Token Fund, Mining Investment
Senior blockchain investors, the founding partner has over 15 years investment experience with current management funds exceed 3 billion RMB.

•PortfolioBit-Z, BHEX, Hcoin, Bgogo, Shenlian Media, 8 bitcoin Media, Amber ai, Mytoken

Krypital Group



•TypeVenture Capital, Token Fund, Incubator
Maggie Wu is an early cryptocurrency evangelist and a successful continuous entrepreneur with over 15 years of cross-industry investment and consulting experience. Maggie Wu led Krypital Group to raise more than $100 million in a series of successful blockchain projects in less than a year.
•PortfolioFilecoin, Arcblock, Cybermiles, Egretia, Merculet, Coinbene, Coinmex, Bwings, Hub, HPB

Bitmart Labs


•Founded:March 2018
BitMart Labs is consisted of seasoned professionals of blockchain, digital assets, and venture capital. BitMart Labs aims to enable the blockchain projects to benefit the society
•PortfolioMagic Cube, Unitopia, etc.



•Type:Token Fund & OTC

•Founded:July 2017
DFund is founded by Zhaodong, who is one of China's early Bitcoin players and opinion leaders, and managed by a senior team with more than 10 years of experience in the VC industry.

•Portfolio:Binance,Bitfinex,Renrenbit,Kronos,Certik,LBA,Mytoken,TNB,QASH,AELF, CyberMiles,IOST, OASIS, etc.

MCS Capital



•TypeMarketing Maker, Digital Asset Investment
As a one-stop service provider of the secondary market, our members comefrom traditional private equity institutions and the technical team comes from straight flush.Currently,we manage about value 200 million cryptocoins and serve nearly 100 projects.

•PortfolioONT, PNT, RUFF, AELF, POLKAT ,etc.

ZB Nexus


•Type:Industry research, project consultation, marketing and investment incubation

•Founded:In early 2019
ZB is composed of a group of industry experts with rich investment and research experience, including senior investors in the blockchain industry, r&dengineers of famous rating agencies and senior blockchain product managers. Aurora Wong, the founder, holds a master's degree in Finance from Columbia University and has worked for international groups including the World Bank, Merrill Lynch and Boston Consulting Group.

•Portfolio:Polkadot, Enigma, Power Ledger, New Kind of Network, LivenPay, Blucon



•Type:The Top one blockchain accelerator and investment fund covering China and South Korea


•Team:Roark Fund partners are all crypto and financial industry veterans. Our managing partner has more than fifteen years of well-known private equity fund experience and entrepreneurial experience. All team members have master's degree or above and are from the world top-tier universities such as Tsinghua University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of California Berkeley, etc., with strong international resources.
•Portfolio:Yuner Technology, IOST, DATA, Cortex, IOTEX, Quark, Terra Luna, Ludena, Bitribe, 499 Block, Bitkeep


•TypeCryptographic asset trading, digital asset trading, digital asset financial derivatives trading
•Founded: October,2016
At present, the team has nearly 300 members. The main members are from traditional financial institutions,top 500 IT information companies, well-known universities, and technology backbones from famous companies, private equity investment experts with rich trading experience, and blockchain technology researcher, cryptography experts, etc.

•PortfolioFilecoin, Vechain, Nebulas, Qtum, Skrumble, Scry, PAI



•Type:Investment Banking, Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrency Investment Incubator Market media

•Founded:September 2017
our team members are from the traditional top financial institutions such as CCB, Bosera, YanXin Investment, Jingdong Finance, etc and have rich experience in investment management.We are also early participants of Bitcoin, conducted in-depth research on the blockchain and invested in the overall ecology of the blockchain.
•Portfolio: Aion, TokenCard, FunFair, Fanchain, RightMesh, Walton, Qtum, Nas, Mytoken, Celsius, Obrs, Coti, ShoCard, XMX,etc.

BK capital


•TypeBK Capital is the only digital money fund under the BK Group that covers investment and incubation. Its business includes token investment and equity investment in the primary market of the blockchain industry, and digital asset management services in the secondary market. The investment targets are mainly in blockchain technology fields,blockchain application projects,projects with realflow units,and projects with strong international expansion ability.asset financial derivatives trading.
•Founded: July 2019
•PortfolioEchoin,Newton Protocol, ChainDream, ChainMedia, JMC,Hellotoken, FinNexus, Xanpool, Winchain, CIC,etc.

Blockchain Centre


•Type:Incubator、Marketing Service

Blockchain Center Singapore is founded by Jimmy Li, who founded AIC fintech Xinheng Financial Technology focused on online payment and blockchain industry chain services, serving thousands of companies.


4℃ Capital


•TypeBlockchain investment and Digital Currency Commodities
The team is composed of early blockchain practitioners, with rich experience in finance, commodities, cryptography, and mining. The core members of the team include early cryptocurrency investors, blockchain industry consultants, angel investors, senior blockchain investors.
•PortfolioFilecoin、Achain、Tron、Loopring、Smartmesh、Kcash、Hitchain、 Polkadot、Near.

Crypto Venture Cpaital


•Type:Comprehensive services for blockchain projects
The investment and management team of crypto capital was founded by the earliest innovative investment fund managers in China. The core members of the team are leaders in the finance, blockchain and artificial intelligence industries.


Institutional members

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