Industry Research Report

Nova Research Institute | Dex

In this report, we will specifically describe the knowledge points and development status of DEX, and explore the potential opportunities and future trends in this field.

As for the ecological dispute among Polkadot, Eth and cosmos public chains and the ecological panorama of Polkadot, this paper will show it in two dimensions: vertically combing the internal ecological progress of Boca; horizontally comparing the existing public chain ecology, taking Eth and cosmos as examples.

In this paper, we will compare the incentive models of the first generation of swap uniswap, the second generation of swap sushiswap and the emerging swap spaceswap, and discuss how to achieve the balance between usability and contributor profit.

Nova Research Institute | Polkadot ecological panorama and public chain competition, compared with eth2.0 and cosmos

Nova Research Institute | under the stagnant growth of defi, what kind of incentive mode does swap need?

Nova Research Institute | eth 3.0 representative: casperlabs in depth report

On May 28, 2020, American legendary venture investor Tim Draper's Los Angeles venture studio Draper Goren Holm announced its equity investment in Casper labs. Draper Goren Holm focuses on the blockchain ecosystem that casperlabs is building, which is enabled for everyone. It is designed for real-world applications, rather than building

UNFI token global governance model equity proof

Through a set of unmanaged and decentralized smart contracts, the WiFi protocol Dao combines the cross chain defi world and provides power for token exchange and the establishment of a complete defi product platform. The rights and interests of the unfi token prove that the global governance model connects the cross chain Unifi ecosystem through the Unifi Representative Council. Through unfidao, GGM takes ensuring the growth and success of Unifi as its common goal and unites everyone who interacts with Unifi agreement.

In the era of negative interest rates,can DeFi become a spark?

The profit seeking nature of capital will inevitably make some high-risk funds enter the field of defi.